Webcast Workshop For Beginners - August 16, 2017

Every school has at least one kid that loves sports and would jump at the opportunity to do commentary or produce events for his/her school. These students need an opportunity. Every school administration has some level of interest in webcasting its events for family, alumni or fans who cannot attend events. High School Activities Hub is offering a one-day workshop for adults and students that will create a sustainable process for webcasting your school's events. 

Why pay a company a large sum to come to your school and webcast, or do an audio live stream, for the same cost an individual can pay to learn to webcast multiple events? High School Activities Hub is hosting its first Webcast Workshop for beginners at Breck High School on August 16, 2017. All attendees will leave the Webcast Workshop 1.0 with the ability to go into a school and webcast an event.

Details for HSAH Webcast Workshop 1.0 

  • Load free broadcast software on the laptop you will use to webcast events
  • Create a personal or a school YouTube Page where you can webcast your events via YouTube Live
    • Format your YouTube Page so it is set up for multiple activities
    • If your school prefers not to use YouTube Live, High School Activities Hub will offer a free 12 month subscription portal for your school...
  • Get a complete List of all equipment needed to webcast an event on a PC or MAC
    • Learn how to assemble equipment for a webcast
    • Best Buy Companies has partnered with HSAH to offer a Best Buy Webcast Kit which is an entry level integrated package of the technology needed to webcast events for only $600
  • Attendees will learn the basics of announcing on a webcast
  • Attendees will plan their first event and leave the workshop with a support group who will help them follow through with webcasting their first event
  • Attendees will receive a set of documents that will help them create processes for planning and executing webcast for their school
  • Attendees will receive a document that can be taken to potential sponsors that will be asked to pay for the cost of the webcast workshop and/or the Best Buy Webcast Kit in return for title sponsorship of your school's webcasting initiative
  • If your school would like an experienced webcast professional to attend the attendees first event click here for details.
  • Cost of four session workshop is $400


High School Activities Hub Webcast Workshop 1.0

August 16, 2017 - 10am

Breck High School

Hans Bristol '17 - Waconia High School

Hans Bristol '17 - Waconia High School

As a high school student, Hans Bristol webcast numerous events for Waconia High School. A couple of weeks after graduating Hans got the opportunity to do color-commentary for the MSHSL State Softball Tournament on Prep45. Now a 2017 graduate, Hans will be taking his skills to St. Cloud State University to pursue a degree in Broadcast Journalism. Below is a Q & A with Hans Bristol.