Opportunities for students to livestream events are everywhere. Colleges, high schools, and sport organizations increasingly need students with livestreaming experience. High School Activities Hub is partnering with Minnesota State University Mankato’s Sport Management ProgramAthletic Department, and Continuing Education to produce a one-day workshop for individuals interested in livestreaming events. Attendees will leave the Livestreaming Sports Workshop with the skills and knowledge to livestream events for their college or high school.

All attendees will be given the opportunity to earn a Livestreaming 1.0 Certification from Minnesota State University-Mankato. To qualify for the certificate individuals must complete the following three requirements.

  • Attend Livestreaming Sports Workshop

  • Livestream 10 hours of sport events at a high school or college

  • Complete an online report. 

November 11, 2018 / Minnesota State Unviersity - Mankato


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can attend?
High School Students and College Students are our main focus, however Athletic Directors, Coaches, Booster Club Members, Parents and anyone who wants to learn how to livestream events are all welcome to attend.

Will someone come to my school and help me with my first livestream?
YES! When you attend the workshop you will be put into a support group. Everyone in your group will make a commitment to help their group members have a successful livestream. If you have any concerns, High School Activities Hub will commit to making sure you have someone that will help you achieve your first successful livestream.

Why attend the workshop?
Livestreaming Sports Workshop will cover the A-Zs for a beginner who is interested in livestreaming events but may find the entire process a bit intimidating. Livestreaming events will create valuable opportunities for students including editing, videography, social media, journalism, on-air talent, graphic design, promotion, media relations and more. There is a lot more involved with producing a successful livestream than just connecting some equipment and making an event available to viewers. At the workshop you will learn skills and processes that will help you avoid mistakes made by most beginners.

Why YouTube Live?
YouTube Live is a game-changer. YouTube Live launched in August of 2016. 85% of American students use YouTube. Most Americans can watch YouTube Live productions on their smart TVs, their phone, tablet or computer. If your school already uses another livestreaming platform, no problem. Skills that are learned at Livestreaming Sports Workshop can be used to livestream on other platforms.

What if your school does not have livestreaming equipment?
There is a chance your school or public library has most equipment that is available to you. If not, High School Activities Hub has researched the needed equipment for you and will recommend what equipment you will need. Be aware that not all products work with a MAC or a PC. The compatibility search can be frustrating and long. All attendees will receive consultation for finding the best prices on products that are compatible with either a PC or a MAC. 

If you have a question please email us at the following link.

What Will Be Covered

  • Attendees will be introduced to and instructed how to load FREE software on their laptops that they will use for livestreaming.

  • Attendees will create a YouTube Page where they can livestream their events via YouTube Live.

    • Attendees will learn how to use their YouTube Page to livestream events.

    • Attendees will format their YouTube Page so it is set up for multiple activities.

    • Attendees will learn how to use a YouTube page as a personal portfolio that will be used to gain future opportunities.

    • Attendees will learn the basics on how livestreaming events on YouTube is the most powerful method of re-engaging alumni with a school.

  • Attendees will receive a complete compatible list of all equipment needed to webcast an event on a PC or MAC.

    • Attendees will learn how to assemble equipment the equipment needed to a livestream an event.

    • HSAH has searched for the best pricing on every piece of equipment that is needed to successfully livestream events. 

  • Attendees will learn the basics of announcing on a livestream.

    • Establishing roles

    • Creating a flow

    • Advantages of including an announcer from the opposing team

    • Including sponsorship promotion and hot reads

    • Reaching out to alumni

  • Attendees will plan their first event and leave the workshop with a support group that will help them follow through with livestreaming their first event.

    • The reality of producing one's first workshop can be very intimidating for some people. A support group will ease the intimidation of livestreaming that first event.

    • A support group member will attend your first livestream if needed.

  • Attendees will be advised on who they will need to contact at their school to inquire about livestreaming events.

  • Attendees will receive a set of documents that will help them create processes for planning and executing a successful livestream.