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"Webcasting High School Events For Beginners"
Saturday, November 4, 2017 (12 - 5pm)
Location: Benilde-St. Margaret's High School / St. Louis Park, MN


Every school administration has some level of interest in webcasting its events for family, alumni and fans who cannot attend events. Every school has at least one kid that loves sports and would jump at the opportunity to get involved with webcasting events for his/her school. Those students need an opportunity. High School Activities Hub is offering a one-day workshop for adults and students that will create a sustainable process for webcasting your school's events. 

Why pay a company a large sum to come to your school and webcast or do an audio live stream for the same cost an individual can pay to learn to webcast multiple events? High School Activities Hub is hosting its first Webcast Workshop for beginners at Noon on November 4, 2017. All attendees will leave HSAH's Webcast Workshop 1.0 with the ability to go into a school and webcast an event.



Information About HSAH Webcast Workshop 1.0 


Who can attend?
Athletic Directors, Coaches, Booster Club Members, Parents, Fans and Students who are interested in webcasting high school events. "Students" is bolded because we hope whoever attends our workshop will give students an opportunity to get involved in webcasting events at your school. 

Why Should Someone Representing Your School Attend the workshop?
HSAH Webcast Workshop 1.0 will cover the A-Zs for a beginner who is interested in webcasting events but may find the entire process a bit intimidating to move forward on their own.

Why YouTube Live?
YouTube Live is a game-changer. YouTube Live just launched in August of 2016 and most students and alumni already use YouTube. If your school already uses another webcast/live streaming platform like The Cube, NFHS Network or Eduvision - no problem. Everything that is learned at HSAH Webcast Workshop 1.0 can be used to webcast on other platforms.

What if your school does not have webcasting equipment?
High School Activities Hub has done the search for equipment for you. Be aware that not all products work with a MAC or a PC. The compatibility search can be frustrating and long. All attendees will have access to the best prices on products that are compatible with either a PC or a MAC. 


Other Information: Lunch will be provided. Attendees should bring their laptpop.


Student Testimonial

What Will Be Covered at HSAH Webcast Workshop 1.0


  • Attendees will load free broadcast software on their laptops that they will use for webcasting


  • Attendees will create a personal or school YouTube Page where they can webcast their events via YouTube Live
    • Attendees will format their YouTube Page so it is set up for multiple activities
    • If your school prefers not to use YouTube Live, High School Activities Hub will offer a free 12 month subscription portal for your school…
    • HSAH Webcast Workshop 1.0 Attendees will also be able to webcast with The Cube, NFHS Network, Eduvision or other platforms. 


  • Attendees will receive a complete compatible list of all equipment needed to webcast an event on a PC or MAC
    • Attendees will learn how to assemble equipment for a webcast and participate in an actual webcast
    • HSAH has worked with Best Buy Companies and searched pricing on every piece of equipment that is needed to successfully webcast events in an effort to create a complete webcast kit for under $600. (Not including laptop)


  • Attendees will learn the basics of announcing on a webcast
    • Establishing roles
    • Creating a flow
    • Advantages of including an announcer from the opposing team
    • Including sponsorship reads and hot reads
    • Reaching out to alumni


  • Attendees will plan their first event and leave the workshop with a support group that will help them follow through with webcasting their first event
    • The reality of producing one's first workshop is very intimidating for most. A support group will ease the intimidation and doubts.
    • Support group members should attend another member's first webcast. 


  • Attendees will receive a set of documents that will help them create processes for planning and executing webcasts for their school.


  • Attendees will receive a document that can be taken to potential sponsors that will be asked to underwrite the cost of the webcast workshop and equipment needs in return for title sponsorship of your school's webcasting initiative.


  • Cost of seven session workshop is $300

HSAH also offers Webcast Consulting For your school

High School Activities Hub is offering a one day workshop at your school for those interested in starting a webcast initiative. HSAH will help create a sustainable webcast initiative for your entire activities department. Include your Principal, Athletic Director, Coaches, Students, Booster Club Members and Parents or whoever may be interested in helping your school create a plan. If you would like more information regarding on-site consultation please fill out the form below.

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