Welcome to High School Activities Hub (HSAH). HSAH was created to promote and grow all high school activities and give students a canvas to show their talents. Below is a list of ways to use HighSchoolActivitiesHub.com.


1.    Media Platform - Hosts media reports and stories that are high school activities specific from around the entire state.

2.    Activities Directory for High Schools – Individuals can find current websites for the school that interests them. If you have ever done a Google search for a schools activity’s pages you are well aware that often you end up on a page that is many years old and not current.

3.    Directory for specific Sports/Activities – (Using Girls Swimming and Diving as an example) There is a homepage for every sport/activity that is sanctioned by the MSHSL as well as many that are not sanctioned by the MSHSL. (non-sanctioned activity example: Rugby)

a.    On each Activity’s homepage you will find a teams’ most current webpage separated by sections. See Class A and Class AA for Girls Swimming & Diving. For a good example of finding the current page go to Class AA and click on Eden Prairie’s logo.

b.    On each Activity’s homepage you will find access to a forum/message board that will help inform individuals about the respective activity. Forums/Message Boards grow interest in sports.

c.     Current Rankings – People like rankings. HSAH will have a consistent link that goes to rankings for each sport. Currently there are no rankings for Girls Swimming and Diving so we will use Girls Tennis Rankings as the example. Note the link takes you directly to The MN Tennis Coaches Association because they have a rankings page that is at a consistent link. Note if rankings are provided by the coaches association, the “Current Rankings” link will take you to the rankings on the coaches association’s page. If rankings are not provided by the coaches association like football rankings HSAH will provide rankings on the HSAH website.

d.    HSAH will also provide links to True Team pages, All-State Teams and other links that provide information about the respective activity.

e.    HSAH provides a media platform that will host media reports/stories that are specific to each sport below the previously mentioned links.

f.      HSAH recognizes the most recent individual and team state champions on each activity’s homepage as well. HSAH is also creating a history platform for high school activities, champions and other awards winners. All State Champions are also recognized on the HSAH Facebook Page in activity specific photo albums.

g.    Above the Pre-Footer on each activity’s homepage there is a row of resource logos that links to organizations that are involved with the activity. On the Girls Swim & Dive Page you will find links to the MSHSL, Volleyball Coaches Association and Prep45.

h.    View the Speech Page to see how non-athletic activities are also promoted on HSAH.

4.    Media Outlets – HSAH promotes newspapers, tv channels, radio stations and magazines that cover high school activities. HSAH is also creating a platform where users can identify where they can listen to audio live streams and watch live webcast’s for any school’s events. For example if you are from Worthington and your football team is playing Owatonna in Owatonna, HSAH is creating a platform so you will be able to go to a page that identifies where you can watch or listen to Owatonna’s events. Media Outlets are separated into several geographic areas including Southeast, South Central, Southwest, Metro, Central, Northeast and Northwest. HSAH is committed to promote media outlets and reporters around the state who cover high school activities.

5.    Premiere Events Calendar – HSAH will promote premiere events for every activity. Every Sport/Activity has premiere events that should be used to promote and grow the Sport/Activity. Examples: Cross Country has the Roy Griak Invitational, Volleyball has the Southwest Classic and Wrestling has The Clash. These are all premiere events that should be promoted to all high school sports fans. As of September 13, 2016 there was never any info promoted about The Southwest Classic prior to the event and if you Google “2016 Southwest Classic results Marshall MN” only one potential story appears and that newspaper makes you have a subscription in order to read the story. That tournament deserves more promotion and more post event press.

6.    HSAH creates Tweets and Facebook Posts that allow Athletic Directors, Coaches, Fans, Parents and Student Athletes to efficiently promote upcoming events and webcasts to their fanbase. These tweets and posts are created with event promotion in mind.

7.    High School Activities Hub will not overuse social media. There are plenty of good resources you can follow to get results and team specific information. High School Activities Hub will only post in an effort to promote and recognize.

8.    HSAH will strategically release more pages and tools that will help promote high school activities.


HSAH asks you to please follow us on Twitter and Facebook. If you follow us on social media you will always be aware when HSAH is promoting an event or story that involves your school and/or one of your school’s teams. You and your followers on social media will then be able to promote your team(s) and events efficiently. Thank you.

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